rock it+ ology = punkaste

"A band with a meaning"

To be or not to be a Punk?

As an triathlete and endurance coach I learned that we all got challenges, some are visible some are not. Mine, is invisible, doesn't seen big, but it is.  My son Luke have a visible one, a big one. Ironman thought me how to face my challenges, which I call demons, punk style. Yes we all got challenges and we all can shine through them. Punk, for me, means love, and I learned in life that love is the best medicine because it always works, is just a matter of dosage. That is why I teach my kids to continue punk everyday (we are born punks), because we don't need another hero, we need more punk (more LOVE JOY)! In order to do that we need to love ourselves, because you can't pour from an empty cup. Which ironically means be your own hero, being who you truly are. So, Punkaste!

by Rirou

On October 31st 2020, Rock-it-ology INC was founded!

"Inclusion is not rocket science, is Punk wisdom" Rirou.

Rirou and Luke Founders of Rock-it-ology click bellow to learn more!