"where magic happens"

rock it + ology = punkaste

Rock it + Ology

Rock-it: is my blog where I have my philosophy, in other words where my philosophy e-books of my punk philosophy school are located. Also my journal out of my depression.

Ology: in the name of my cave, and in my philosophy "Ology" means action at it's core. Meaning it's the place of living the dream.


Well, when you combine Rock it+ Ology the result is Punkaste! Meaning, dreams become reality and you start living your dream, and that is the name of my band. My band is my inner child revolution overcoming a childhood trauma.

"Living the dream"

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On October 31st 2020, Punkaste was founded!

"Inclusion is not rocket science, is Punk wisdom" Rirou.

Rirou and Luke Founders of punkaste!