Let's face it: We all have them

Motivation, July 31, 2019

Let's face it: we all have our demons, if you don't have any you are not living because life will be always challenging you.

Yesterday I finally got the balls to start rewriting the book that I always wanted to. I mean, I started a bunch of times, but I always stopped in the middle. I got a good amount of stuff ready, but I never actually put it all together.

I learned in life that we all are battling something, and after coaching a paratriathlete that once told me: “We all got challenges, the difference is that you can see mine”. I am not going to lie; my battle is an emotional battle and you cannot see. For years I felt alone and I numbed myself and I ended up going in the wrong direction drinking, smoking cigarettes, eating my emotions away until i got depress. One day, I decided to start changing, and that is when I started to do ironmans. For some reason the mental war during an ironman race and the physical pain made me feel good. Besides what is the best therapy than hours of being uncomfortable? That is why I went to do Ironman, I wanted to FEEL again. During all those years racing and coaching I learned a lot. I learned a lot about myself, about life, about overcoming limits, and of course about triathlon.

So, I started to put things together and I started to organize the ideas to the book and that is when I realized that my journey was more a "spiritual awakening" than anything else.


What is life? For me is a spiritual experience, because in the end is all energy. Starts in energy and end in energy. It's what in Reiki we call life force. 

The purpose of life? For me life is a like a school. We came here to learn so can grow spiritually, that is why life is challenging and everyone is fighting a battle, some battles we can clearly see, others we can’t. The best way battle is to bring the best out of you, and in order to bring the best out of you, you need to open your heart.

Now, opening your heart is probably the most difficult thing you will ever do in your life. Why? Well is simple it requires you to be you and that means going deep in within yourself. Going within requires you to remove the safety walls around you and show yourself to the world “naked”. Yes, the good, the bad, and the ugly, but also the light. Because you cannot find happiness if you don’t face your demons. That is why I love the part of the slayer song “Read between the lies”, when he screens “there is no heaven without a hell”, makes so much sense because you can only find true joy by facing your fears, or like I usually say, face your demons.

So, yesterday I finally was able to come up with my book tittle: FACING MY DEMONS where I share my journey (“spiritual awakening”) that made me “A Dad on a mission”. Because the truth is we all have them, but what really matters is how you deal with them.

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Rock on,

Richard Wygand – A Dad on a mission!