Welcome to Rock-it-ology INC

We are a spiritual organization teaching the ways of the punk!

Rirou the iron Punk!

Rirou is a modern cavemen that went to a lot of trauma and like many others and he end up in hell. A hell called depression. He was put in this hell for no reason, and all he really wanted was to be heard. 

After 33 years in hell and a 40 day walk through the desert of the Covid-420, Rirou is as the first ever motivational pothead. During his time in hell Rirou competed as a pro triathlete and coached many athletes to complete an ironman. Rirou is also a reiki master, and primal health coach.

As a triathlon coach I always lead by example, and here is the same. That is why I decided to share how I am facing my trauma and finally learning all the iron maiden songs in the guitar. It's painful sometimes, and I still cry like a baby. However, when I do that it cleanses my soul bringing me into a realm of joy! For me is not about the money, is about my soul, that is why I the only going to sell the book because I am paying for it the ghostwriter help me write. I needed someone to help me because sometimes is too painful. Everything else is free because I really want to motivate others to escape hell and reconnect with themselves. The truth is, if we reconnect with ourselves Religion will be gone. Rock-it-ology Inc is non profit and the profits will be directed to mental health programs, nemaline myopathy research and advocating for real food, since diet is a big topic in my book.