Luke Wygand

Luke was born with nemaline myopathy  a gene mutation that affect the muscles making challenging to: Breath, eat, walk and talk. 

Nemaline Myopathy

Hi, my name is Luke. I am a regular boy with physical challenge called nemaline myopathy. My dad told me that we all got challenges, some are visible some are not, and he also thought me that is ok to be different. Well mine is visible but that does not stop me for enjoying life. My Dad claims I am the master punk. 

Anyways, I enjoy dancing, ceiling fans, rock, sun, going to the pool, PJ masks, Elmo. Oh, I love music and I find the Macarena a very inspirational song. Also, my favoerite book is called "It's okay to be different", but I like when my parents read in Portuguese. 

Nice too meet and check out my youtube channel!


Oh, Did I tell you?

My Grandmother wrote a book about me! How cool is that? Anyways, you can check out in the button bellow. Is in portuguese now, but I heard is getting translate.