let's rock

Music is one of the best therapies for mental health, among many other things such as diet, meditation, Reiki and regular therapy.

Rock it - A free health program

Health is about mind, body and soul!

The mind and body part of the program is simple: I wrote a few E-books with the things I learned about health throughout my coaching and racing years. You can read them at anytime. I also have a few more e-books coming. (Always learning). 

The soul part of the program is about music, so pick an instrument, pick a song and let's rock! Let's jam together!

Yes, is totally free. You can donate or buy my book (when is ready) or Luke's book, if you want no pressure. The only thing is charge is for my one on one time or any personalized coaching, and if interested CONTACT me here!

Punkaste Witness

In case this project motivates you to go within and becoming your own hero, considered becoming a Punkaste witness by getting Rirou a joint of a coffee. Once Rirou's bong and coffee cup are full the profits will be towards nemaline mypothy research.



"Angel number: 222 meaning is to allow yourself to create with beauty and self-love rather than force. Dance and music can bring you balance and harmony."



"Angel number 420 symbolizes faith in yourself, your guardian angels, and your romantic partner. It time that you put positive energy into achieving your dream profession. Open your heart and realize the opportunities in your life that comes when you follow your intuition.  

Frequently Asked Questions

Why is free?

I want to help people, I was in hell for 33 years and I know depression is a bitch!

What if I can't play?

Don't worry, I don't know either. I have been playing for a year, we can learn the song together. 

Do I need to smoke weed?

No. However I recommend before meditating.

Only punk and metal?

No, but it needs to be Rock music. I listen to everything.

Are there any fixed term contracts?

No, it's pure heart. I just want to rock and spread my love.