Our Values

Our 4 core values come from the idea that we all got challenge, some are visible some are not, but we all have challenges. 

Love: Is the base for everything in life, without it nothing can be achieved.

Inclusion: Because there is nothing more important than felling accepted and loved.

Family: The base of any healthy society, and inclusion starts at home.

Purpose: Bob Marley once said, “Everything in life got its purpose. Find its reason in every season.” We are very strong on purpose, check below our why. We raise awareness for Nemaline Myopathy but with the focus on inclusion. 

Why punk rock?

Our sense of Purpose is huge, but here are the top main reasons why.

4 Reasons why

First, Punk rock is very inclusive.

Second, Punk is about attitude, an attitude that inspire change. Our goal is inclusion and change the way we see different abilities. 

Third, punk rock simple, fast, loud and very groovy songs. Great for kids to expend energy. 

Forth, Punk rock is all about joy, and living in the now!


"The punk in me, honors the punk in you" Rock-it-ology