Rirou the punk rocker dad

Before my wife and I decided to have kids I promise her I would get my shit together with my depression. This talk happened after my biggest crisis.

Depression- Invisible challenge

After Luke was born I thought: "how I going to teach him about self acceptance if I haven't fully accepted myself". Well I went in search of myself, but what I didn't know is that Luke was teaching me. He is the master Punk due to the way he deals with his challenges, is truly inspiring. The last 4 years I learned a lot about myself, connected the dots in my life and that is when I decided to open up my traumas and fears in order to motivate others that deal with depression, especially Dads, because I saw a lot of support for Moms in but not a lot for Dads. 

That is I decided to combine forces and raise awareness for mental health and nemaline myopathy. I don't think kids like Luke needs a cure, what they need is Love (inclusion). Of course something to help their challenge would be awesome, but I believe first comes love and acceptance. 

During this 4 years I found a my purpose or talent, which is making Punk rock song for kids. Ironically, punk is the most inclusive thing I know. So the rock-it-ology idea felt like divine intervention because for me Purpose is the way out of depression!

Be the change

I have always believed in being the change you wish to see in the world, so I wrote a book about my feelings. Also, I have a lot of punk rock songs for kids coming, 7 of them will come with my book!